Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't want to miss that hot new new journal article?

If you are a big fan of keeping up with the latest scholarly publications in the field like I am (or even if you just have an assignment due on a particular topic and you don't want to miss anything), you can stay connected by setting up an alert in any EBSCO database and have those articles delivered right to your desktop.

How it works: If you are in Communication and Mass Media Complete (or any EBSCO database) just log on at the top where it says "Sing In to My EBSCOhost." Next create and try out your search and then save it by clicking on the "Search History/Alerts" tab under the search box. Next, check the box next to the search you want to save and click on "Save Searches/Alerts" just above. Then you will be shown a form and in the last question, make sure you save the search as an alert. Now you will be given the option to have the article links emailed to you or they can be delivered via an RSS feed. I personally like having the RSS feed on my iGoogle page because it forces me to look at the updates daily.

So give it a try for yourself and you might just find that you never miss that really great new article again.