Thursday, August 27, 2009


Back when I was getting my Master's degree in Communication from the Annenberg School at Penn and when I worked for the Annenberg Public Policy Center, my mentor and boss, Kathleen Hall Jamieson always reminded me to keep my writing short and simple. I am going to try to do that with this blog. So here are some short, fun facts about me, the author:
  • You name a communication research methodology, and I've conducted a study using that methodology. I am more familiar with quantitative than qualitative, but I have done them all. I especially love a good communication experiment!
  • While most of my formal communication studies have been in political communication, I've actually branched out and published in health communication and in marketing.
  • My favorite thing in the whole world is helping people find the information that they need. If you are doing communication research and need some help, please look me up in Cook Library and I will be more than happy to help.

Please continue to check back with this blog for short posts about all the great resources available in Mass Communication and Communication Studies. Enjoy!